This book guides the reader towards a sense of agency and a joy of working.

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Personally, I benefited the most from exercises 1, 13 and 15.

Exercise 1: Change your identity and the view of your self: This exercise helps you to uncover and challenge any negative views you may have about your self. It will help you to see the whole you and to not define yourself by your health issues only.

Exercise 13 is, Maybe arrangements. This advice helps you to be honest and caring in your relationships. It helps you with your social life as it gives you a tool to communicate your sincerity and commitment. It also encourages mutual patience and accept.

Exercise 15 is, Activity, resting and planning. I found this very helpful because I am relatively new to ongoing pain. It confirms to me that there are straightforward ways of managing pain in our everyday life. We should not be afraid of pain. It is better to come to terms with the pain than trying to hide from it.

Kirsten Nielsen Welch - SEN teacher in Adult Education, Living with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia
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