My mission is to teach you to create motivation even on the most difficult days

So, you go from thinking “Oh so annoying, now it is Monday again” to “How can I bring pleasure and joy into the day today?”.

Many people drag themselves around the everyday without questioning how they can make it better. Or they have no surplus for it.

Do you know that feeling?

I do. Because I have been there (on several occasions with, among other things, stress). And it just makes me sad when so many today feel burnt out. Stressed. Demotivated. Anxiety. Or just moderately satisfied or dissatisfied with their lives.

I want to change that.

That is why I have made several lectures, online courses, and books, where I show you step-by-step how to prioritize your joy, your profits, and your enjoyment.

My material helps you to an everyday life where you:

Wake up well rested and happy every morning

Create profits for yourself and your loved ones

Find out what really matters in your life – and prioritize it

Get through your life crises easier because you stand solid

Experience greater meaning and gratitude in life

In short, I help you get butterflies in your stomach over your own life, just as I have experienced it after I started taking care of myself and my well-being.

Are you looking for motivational way to more joy of working or an inspiring life story?

Jens Lund Madsen
Jens Lund MadsenManager and proprietor of Kølemadsen Refrigeration in Hirtshals and Skagen.

“The Joy of Working” took me by storm. I was completely absorbed from the first page and in the future, I shall be able to use many of the points from the book in my working life. The book also gives a good insight into what it is like to be physically or mentally challenged. I would therefore recommend anyone who has no experience in these matters to read the book. It has really helped me and removed some of my prejudices.

Kurt Bennetsen
Kurt BennetsenHead of Erhverv Norddanmark (Northern Jutland’s Chamber of Commerce)

The book “The Joy of Working” embraces the elements of UN Sustainable Development Goal 8 – Decent Jobs and Economic Growth and throws the ball into the court of your company and you as a private person to take responsibility and concrete initiatives to promote greater job satisfaction. The book may also be a help to personel managers and company managers who are motivated too help their employees.

Emma Ehlers Nielsen
Emma Ehlers NielsenPsychologist, Dandelion Center, Nuuk

… 'Dandelion Child in flower' applies to people who have difficult experiences in their luggage, others with one or more disabilities, caregivers and professionals. As a professional, it is certainly very motivating… It is good to be reminded that all people, regardless of their background, have strengths, some more than others, and that these will not be forgotten in the work you perform as a professional…

Gitte Cannon
Gitte CannonAssistant Professor, MSc.

'Dandelion Child in flower' is a particularly brave and important book. It addresses some of the taboos we still have left the community in Denmark from a personal perspective. It also includes the story of a child - and later young woman - who repeatedly let down by family, friends, lovers and authorities at an alarming rate. The matchless disrespect Tina Marie-Louise Campbell has met in her life leaves the reader stunned. Nevertheless, Tina Marie-Louise Campbell's will to live and happiness will help her repeatedly to overcome what no one should be exposed to. Therefore, the book is also very much a story of personal development and personal strength. Tina Marie-Louise Campbell writes well - without bitterness and self-pity in an honest and this language. The messages are so important that the book should reach a large audience. It is hard, learning and life-affirming reading, and I give the book my warmest recommendations!

Are you living in Denmark – find my English book ‘Dandelion Child in flower’ here

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Hallo, how do you do?

I am the author of the biography ‘Dandelion Child in flower’, ‘Joy of Working’ and several Danish books. I live in the northern part of Denmark and am married to a Scot – hence my Scottish surname. I speak and write both Danish and English well. I make motivational speeches and provide tools to help people out in their own life crises.

I am the Dandelion Child who managed to flourish through mounds of asphalt, yearning for rays of the sun’s heat.
I have lived an imperfect life, to make it more perfect was beyond my wildest dreams. I am she who, flawed as she was, dared to believe in a light shining in the darkness. She who imagined that she had the right to the same life as you.
My life has fallen apart repeatedly. Both in my childhood but also during my adult life. I am living with increasingly debilitating rheumatism alongside HIV, after fighting through very hard terminal illness due to multiple AIDS outbreaks. The hospital gave me less than two months to live.

I survived and like the dandelion I even reproduced/had children. Devastatingly though, they were born prematurely. Life goes on with many ups and downs.

However, I am also still the silly girl, who breaks out into childish antics and song. I am she who is naively in love with life – and all it has to offer. And I am not shy to talk and write about it all – to give inspiration and courage to other people.

I offer you my fragility, my challenges, and my honesty - and in fall 2021 I offer a second British book ‘Joy of Working. ;-)

I have written a book about the joy of working and how to find this when you don’t feel you experience it. It is also about daring to dream that there is a job out there for you too - even if you feel you don’t quite fit in to a normal 9-5 working day.

Please read my words with the honesty and strength of your heart – and use the insight you gain with wisdom!