I am the author of the biography ‘Dandelion Child in flower’ and several Danish books. I live in the northern part of Denmark and am married to a Scot – hence my Scottish surname. I speak and write both Danish and English well. I make motivational speeches and provide tools to help people out in their own life crises.

I am the Dandelion Child who managed to flourish through mounds of asphalt, yearning for rays of the sun’s heat.

I have lived an imperfect life, to make it more perfect was beyond my wildest dreams. I am she who, flawed as she was, dared to believe in a light shining in the darkness. She who imagined that she had the right to the same life as you. She who is desperately afraid of not being able to please everyone. She who does not understand that promises can be broken, or that another human being can ever do anything bad.

My life has fallen apart repeatedly. Both in my childhood but also during my adult life. I am living with increasingly debilitating rheumatism alongside HIV, after fighting through very hard terminal illness due to multiple AIDS outbreaks. The hospital gave me less than two months to live.

I survived and like the dandelion I even reproduced/had children. devastatingly though, they were born prematurely. Life goes on with many ups and downs.

However, I am also still the silly girl, who breaks out into childish antics and song. I am she who is naively in love with life – and all it has to offer. And I am not shy to talk and write about it all – to give inspiration and courage to other people.

I offer you my fragility, my challenges and my honesty.

Please read my words with the honesty and strength of your heart – and use the insight you gain with wisdom!


Underskrift - Campbell

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Elin Nielsen
Elin NielsenCEO, Communication Manager

A dandelion always finds its way to the sun's rays. They then break their way through asphalt. Asphalt has been a thick layer of Tina ML Campbell's life. Moreover, if anyone has she been able to break through it. You can never run away from your childhood, but you can choose to have an attitude that it should not determine one's entire life. Nevertheless, how do you do it if the cards life has assigned you, consists of; an alcoholic and manipulative father and a disabled mother who fails to give support to her children. How do you get something good out of life, when it started with failure, loneliness, and exploitation - and even provides you with a weakening and painful rheumatic disease? It sounds like an impossible task. It's about necessary self-awareness, stubborn resilience, an insistence on life - and yes, believe it is deep love. Be ready to smile, cry and shudder with Tina. To wonder - will be relieved, shocked, touched, but most of all sincerely glad all that is possible in life, against all odds.

Catherine Brejnholt
Catherine BrejnholtTranslator of Dandelion Child in Flower

This autobiography is a very moving and personal account of a girl growing up with all odds against her and blossoming into a successful and fulfilled young woman. I feel privileged to have been asked to share this account with an English speaking audience and hope that I have remained true to the spirit of her narrative.

Emma Ehlers Nielsen
Emma Ehlers NielsenPsychologist, Dandelion Center, Nuuk

… This applies to people who have difficult experiences in their luggage, others with one or more disabilities, caregivers and professionals. As a professional, it is certainly very motivating… It is good to be reminded that all people, regardless of their background, have strengths, some more than others, and that these will not be forgotten in the work you perform as a professional…

Gitte Cannon
Gitte CannonAssistant Professor, MSc.

'Dandelion Child in flower' is a particularly brave and important book. It addresses some of the taboos we still have left the community in Denmark from a personal perspective. It also includes the story of a child - and later young woman - who repeatedly let down by family, friends, lovers and authorities at an alarming rate. The matchless disrespect Tina Marie-Louise Campbell has met in her life leaves the reader stunned. Nevertheless, Tina Marie-Louise Campbell's will to live and happiness will help her repeatedly to overcome what no one should be exposed to. Therefore, the book is also very much a story of personal development and personal strength. Tina Marie-Louise Campbell writes well - without bitterness and self-pity in an honest and this language. The messages are so important that the book should reach a large audience. It is hard, learning and life-affirming reading, and I give the book my warmest recommendations!

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I am a motivation lecturer and writer on topics dealing with the interplay of dandelion children and chronic illness, quality of life versus disability, public assistance, etc. I published 'Dandelion Child in flower' as an e-book and as a paperback book just a couple of months later. The great interest has meant that I can now use the book in my teaching at the university and elsewhere.
However, you do not have to read my book to get something out of one of my lectures.