I have written a book about the joy of working and how to find this when you don’t feel you experience it. It is also about daring to dream that there is a job out there for you too – even if you feel you don’t quite fit in to a normal 9-5 working day.


The idea behind the book

The intention of this book is to make you, the reader, feel that you too have the right to a good working life – and to show how important it is to have a job. The book is divided into different chapters, each dealing with different situations in your private life which may influence your working life and how you relate to your workplace. I want you to dream big and I want to help you understand what it takes to have a good working life. For everyone deserves this!
The different chapters address various different situations: they are aimed at people suffering from stress, those who are physically challenged, those who have a disability or a partner or child with special needs and last, but not least, I have written a section for employers. There are also some more general chapters about the joy of working and finally, I relate my own story, which I use in my talks and in my work as a coach and writer to show that even if life casts you down – it is never too late to get on your feet again.
                      After each chapter, there are some exercises aimed at helping the reader get to know him/herself better  and understand his/her limits and how to communicate these to others.
I hope that this book will be useful to all those who need to discover the joy of working and to all those who need to integrate different kinds of employees into the workplace, for example people with a disability, people working flexibly, people in sheltered jobs and so on. Greater flexibility in the workplace leads to a better workplace – for everyone.

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